iPlay Adventure Fun


On 27 August school progressed as normal. Daily PC devotions, followed by an endless list of classes was to be expected for a day such as this. However, instead of competition sport after a 40 minute lunch-break, the entire Pimpama High School cohort was marched off to the school’s fleet of buses. 

As a special treat, the High School was given the opportunity to travel outside the school’s grounds and enjoy a leisurely afternoon at iPlay facilities at Westfield Coomera. 

Students nominated activities through a Google Forms document and were given the options of Arcade Games, Clip ‘n’ Climb, High Ropes, Bowling or Mini Golf. After settling down a rather excitable collection of teenagers and forming this herd into a rather vague collection of students, faculty formed this group into near columns and marched the group to the school’s car park. 

Upon arriving at Coomera, groups were quickly made and marched in two orderly lines towards the second floor of the shopping centre. Mini Golf and Bowling were sent to The Park, and Arcade Games, Clip ‘n’ climb and High Ropes were sent to iPlay Adventure.  Although one definitely could not experience or even view all activities and see the reactions of those participating, the radiant smiles on everyone’s faces were more than enough indication that the experience was one not to be forgotten. Personally, I was only privy to two activities, Mini Golf and Bowling. The Mini Golf range had no less than eighteen separate holes each presenting its own challenge presented in a beautifully “normal” way. One had to delicately tap balls around funny challenges often seen in real life. Some, however, were more weird. One hole made players send their ball underneath a fake toilet - an old ‘out house’. 

The Bowling experience was equally as exciting. It was standard 10 pin bowling. Often with their friends, bowlers were actively competing for the best scores, and regularly trying out new techniques in the heated struggle for supremacy on the lanes. One cannot find anything to complain about regarding this experience. We can only thank the teachers, staff and school for providing us with such an experience.

Thank you very much for such an opportunity given for the enjoyment of students. Thank You Mr Genge, Mrs Hamilton, Mr Meyers and all the staff and faculty that assisted in making this experience possible.

Emmanuel Louis Mina Montalvo Wu
Year 7