It's Not How You Bowl...It's How You Roll!


Last term, Year 7 student, Rebecca Iman, won the Under 23 Mt Warren Tenpin Bowling Championships in the individual competition. Rebecca also came second in the doubles with her brother, Morgan (Year 3), while her league team won third place at the tournament.

Rebecca scored 1,335 for the whole six games in the Masters Championship, while Morgan scored 1385 for the six games in King/Queen of the Mountain and came third in the tournament.

It seems that bowling is in their blood. Almost three years ago when Rebecca first joined King's Pimpama, she wanted to find an activity to give her something in common with her Dad.  Since he bowled professionally for the Mt Warren Lanes, she chose bowling and has not looked back since.  In November 2020 she started playing professionally for the club and plays in two leagues - one socially with her brother, the other professionally with the club.

Rebecca and Morgan are trained by their dad and coach Jordan Gardner, who challenge the siblings to improve their bowling technique, get strikes and win games. 

"The secret to winning games is to increase your spares," says Rebecca. "Your stance and how you prepare at the lead up of releasing the bowling ball are all very important in getting a good score. My Dad challenges me all the time and this has improved my game."

Bowling Balls

Bowling in Lockdown

Rebecca admits that it's tough not to be able to go and practice during lockdown. However, her family is thriving at home and has come up with a creative way to maintain their skills:

"Before lockdown, Mum bought two hallway runners and we line the passage with cushions for protection and then we bowl down the passage.  The pins don't stand a chance!" she said. "I love the game as it helps me reset my mind during challenging times and is good for my mental health."

Rebecca's school friends were surprised to find that she bowls professionally and how good she is at the sport.  "I love to take them bowling - but just for some fun!" 

Her dream is to have a bowling alley in her home, like the Hemsworths, and then no lockdown would affect their game!

Rebecca in Action:


What did the pins say to the bowling ball?

"I get knocked down, but I get up again! You ain't never gonna keep me down...I get knocked down..."

(Admit it, you sang the punchline!)