Juice FM Movie Night


On Saturday, May 18 at the Pimpama Campus there was a movie run by Juice 107.3, they are a radio station that sponsored King’s for the Movie Night. We watched the Greatest Showman and it was a lot of fun. There was a lot of food and drinks that you could buy and there was even a climbing wall that was really high. I was in the Pimpama 1st ever musical production called “You Are Special.” We used some of the songs from The Greatest Showman in the musical. For the movie night Sarah (yr 6), Naomi (yr 6), Tijana (yr 6) and Milly (yr 2) sang 'A Million Dreams'. We had such a blast singing on Juice 107.3. Movie night altogether was just a bomb and everybody enjoyed it so much!


Year 6 Student at King's and Punchinella in You're Special