KDA Students Enjoy Virtual Dance Classes

Reedy Creek

Hundreds of our King’s Dance Academy (KDA) students have been able to keep up their dance lessons this term thanks to our passionate KDA teachers, who acted quickly to produce a series of fun and interactive virtual lessons each week for every dance genre at King's.

These lessons have been a very popular pastime among our students, who have been sharing their photos with the King’s Dance community, and for this newsletter. Parents and families have also been invited to participate, with a few brave mums and siblings taking up the challenge and getting to experience firsthand what happens in KDA lessons.

During these challenging times, KDA wanted to bring some fun into the home as they created a new way of learning dance and drama at King’s. The teaching team have been thrilled to receive so much positive feedback and Director, Miss La Toya, commented that ‘KDA teachers love knowing we can provide something the students love doing in the safety of their homes, keeping some normality at this hard time.’

Thanks KDA for passionately keeping our students moving and grooving!