King’s Skipperoos SPEED OFF

Extra Curricular

The King’s Skipperoos 5th annual Speed Off was held in the Sports Centre last week. Student athletes as young as 7 years old competed in a number of skipping events as preparation for the upcoming State Skipping Championships, which will be held in September.

The events included:

  • 30 second speed
  • 1 minute speed 
  • 1.5 minute speed
  • 30 second double unders
  • 1 minute triple unders
  • Consecutive triple unders

King's incredible coaching team and the tenacious training of every team member resulted in many new records being set at the event. Thanks to the Skipperoos' amazing coaches Elly Meteyard, Jill Smith, Jenny Meteyard, Jasmine Hawkins and other staff and parents for assisting with the event - Learne Hawkins, Brett Liddell, Lana Mitchell, Machelle Myburgh, Michelle Mikkelson and Melissa Tolhurst.

Skipping is a great sport for boys and girls, strengthening co-ordination, balance, timing, fitness and brain development. King's Skipperoos offers a fun and supportive culture for both recreational and competitive skipping at King’s, and the club welcomes any students to participate. To find out more or to get your student involved, please contact