King's Celebration Nights 2022


Our 2022 Celebration Nights were a culmination of King's culture and community, as well as a special celebration of student success. This event is an important part of our school calendar as it provides the opportunity to present our prestigious annual awards to students who have achieved outstanding academic success or displayed exceptional character and leadership throughout the year. Our 2022 celebration was held over two memorable nights in the King's Table precinct, with Primary School on Monday, 6 November and High School on Tuesday, 7 November. This year's balance of informal and ceremonial sessions, running simultaneously, provided an exciting new format. The cafe forecourt offered a relaxed setting for families to connect while enjoying King's choirs, student musicians and professional roving performers, as they waited for their formal presentations to commence. The auditorium was filled with awardees and their families during the presentation of awards and 2023 Student Leadership Badges. Following the presentations, photo booths near the COLA gave our recipients the chance to have their photo taken with their teacher and family members. Congratulations to our student award winners for doing your best this year and exhibiting excellence in your various endeavours.

Congratulations to our 2022 Primary School Awardees

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Congratulations to our 2022 High School Awardees

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