King's 2022 Senior Leaders Announced

Reedy Creek

King's recently appointed the 2022 senior student leadership team for Reedy Creek campus. These remarkable Year 11 students have demonstrated their exceptional leadership capabilities, integrity and faithfulness throughout their journey at the College so far, which led to their successful selection into these important roles. Our incumbent leaders enjoyed a special lunch with Reedy Creek Campus Principal, Mr Meyers, following the announcement last week and they will be formally inducted into their roles at the end of Term 3.

The College acknowledges the hard work and faithful service of our 2021 leaders who have consistently demonstrated King's Foundational Values in all aspects of their school life. They will play an important role in inducting our 2022 leaders until they officially commence their new roles from Term 4. We look forward to supporting our 2022 senior student leadership team as they serve our school community and help lead our student body through the year ahead.

Congratulations to our 2022 Leaders

College CaptainsSebastien Field & Chloe Muller
Culture CaptainsLachlan Bray, Luke Johnstone, Imogen Schweitzer & Kaila Topp
Head PrefectsMichael Makhoul & Sophia Seumahu