King's Has Talent Winners 2021

Reedy Creek

Our King's Has Talent (KHT) competition has been running for over five years and gives Primary students the chance to perform their unique talents to an audience of peers and teachers. Every year, our community has been amazed to see the variety and level of skill that students have brought to the stage during King's Has Talent and 2021 was certainly no different! Ranging from dramatic speeches, instrumental performances, dance routines, singing and poetry recitals, to BMX bicycle stunts and more, our student performers all stepped out of their comfort zones and developed greater confidence as they entertained audiences with their God-given skills. Throughout Term 2, students enthusiastically practised their routines during break times and after school hours, then went through three elimination rounds before the finalists from each category performed in the King's Has Talent Finals on Monday, 18 October. The finalists displayed an outstanding level of confidence, commitment and dedication, and their peers cheered loudly and proudly. Well done to all of our KHT finalists, and to our winners who received a certificate and prize to award their success and efforts.

Congratulations 2021 King's Has Talent Winners

Lower Primary Category

  • 1st Place: Andy Li - performed ‘Mazurka for Chopin’ composed by Catherine Rollin, on the piano.
  • 2nd Place: Maria-Clara Santiago - performed a monologue called ‘Being a kid is so stressful!’
  • 3rd Place: Ari Cogdell-Baird - performed a break dancing routine

Middle Primary Category

  • 1st Place: Jesseren Rose - performed a skilful dance and acrobatic routine
  • 2nd Place: Jude Kozina - recited a poem all about the ‘School bell’
  • 3rd Place: Isla Bristow-Wilson, Scarlett Cross, Ashleigh Ladner - sung 'Count on me' as a representation of their friendship

Upper Primary Category

  • 1st Place: Rey Liu - performed ‘Big fish and Begonia’ on the piano
  • 2nd Place: Abrianna Daniel, Micah Eddie, Crystal Hyslop, Ella Hendriks, Anna Igari, Jai Tierney - performed an 'old school vs new school' hip hop mix
  • 3rd Place: Caitlynn Verster - performed a musical theatre piece to the song ‘I speak 6 languages.'