King's Has Talent Winners Announced


This year the organisers of King's Has Talent developed a new format for the competition and it proved to be a huge success in how the event was run with COVID restrictions.  

Using an app called Flipgrid, students were able to share their auditions with judges.  10 finalists were selected from the pre-recorded entrants.  This culminated in a private live streamed Facebook event which was viewed by every class.  QR codes were used to reveal an augmented reality of each finalist’s performance.  Students were able to vote for their favourite act.  

The winners were:

Prep - Year 3

  • 1st Place Award - Milly Saad (3PB)
  • 2nd Place Award - Annalissa Tiaiti (1PD)
  • 3rd Place Award - Isabelle Mansfield (2PA)
  • People’s Choice Award - Alec de Lautour (1PD)
  • Flipgrid Choice Award - Michael Bereznai (1PA)

Years 4 - 6

  • 1st Place Award - Zorion Tan (6PS)
  • 2nd Place Award - Mia Jackson  (6PS)
  • 3rd Place Award - Lily Flaskas (5PM)
  • People’s Choice Award - Ava Maris (6PS)
  • Flipgrid Choice Award - Harlem Kahika (4PR)

The organisers even had a Flipgrid Choice Award which was chosen by their Director of Engagement, Joey Taralso from the USA, who sent the College this message:

View Flipgrid's Message