King's Primary Team Place at QLD da Vinci Decathlon

Reedy Creek

Sallying forth from the comforts of King's, on seperate days, Mrs Liz Delvendiep (High School), Mr Benson and Mr Cannon (Primary School), led three excited troops of students to the windy streets of Arundel to AB Paterson College. It was da Vinci Decathlon time!

With a pioneer spirit in their hearts and stationery at the ready, a team of Year 9s and 10s (Tuesday), Year 5s and 6s (Wednesday) and Year 8s (Thursday) stormed the pavilion to take part in the highly competitive Olympics of the mind. Mind-bending days were spent mentally wrestling, against 50 other schools, in ten disciplines: engineering, mathematics and chess, code-breaking, art and poetry, science, English, philosophy, creative production, cartography, and general knowledge. No actual wrestling this year!

Congratulations to the Primary team who placed first in the Code Breaking category, second in Mathematics and Chess and fourth in the Ideation category. Overall, the King's Primary team came 10th overall with 920 points. Well done to the combined Year 5 and 6 team: Jordaan D'Souza, Noah Schmidt, Enoch Adewumi, Byron Tolhurst, Rebecca Webb, Matthew Verster, William Park and Eden Moes. A big thank you to Mr Cannon for volunteering his time to coach the team.

The Year 9 and 10 team competed on the opening day. A little apprehensive on the bus, they put their heads together to complete all the events. The team of Kael Lennox, Leonie Smith, Shimila Hartley, Jonathan Yang, Daniel Webb and Eran Dance scored highly in code breaking and engineering and ranked 23rd overall with a total of 600 points.

On the final day of the competition the Year 8 team were ready to have their opportunity to challenge their problem solving skills and stretch their academic abilities. Ailsa Hartley, Katie Wattam, Caden Faulkner, Jinho Choi, Naoise Kavanagh, Boston Vanroon, Karri Holmes, Sebastian Harris and Chanel Raju participated for the first time. They finished the day with a ranking of 24 and an overall score of 700, scoring highly in the fields of Engineering and Cartography.

Every student reported a great day of inventiveness and creativity. With the experience resulting in an overwhelmingly positive reaction, King's students will have the opportunity to again compete in this challenging competition in 2018.

Look out Queensland: King's is da Vinci ready!