King's Student Receives Prestigious Hansen Scholarship

Reedy Creek
Kai Prideaux For Newsletter 2

King’s Year 12 student, Kai Prideaux, is still pinching himself at the fact he has just been awarded the flagstone scholarship for one of Melbourne’s best universities.

Kai was among thousands of applicants from across Australia who applied for the University of Melbourne's Hansen Scholarship which is only awarded to 20 talented undergraduate students each year. This scholarship covers course fees, student accommodation and an allowance, as well as personal support. This opportunity means more to Kai than just financial help – for him, it represents ‘a door into his future and the chance to live in Melbourne, closer to his extended family.’

After months of intensive testing, periods of anxious waiting and then a final Zoom interview with the Hansen Scholarship Board, Kai received the life-changing call last Friday. “It was almost anticlimactic after such a long wait; it was surreal but such a huge relief,” Kai said. 

Kai will commence his tertiary studies with an Undergraduate Degree in Commerce or Arts next year, followed by a Postgraduate Law degree, with ambitious career dreams of owning or partnering a law firm one day, and eventually becoming a Judge. With his strong work ethic and dedication, we are believing he will succeed. Congratulations Kai!

"If you're contemplating applying for a scholarship, definitely give it a go! Let who you are shine through… relax and just be yourself. Universities are often looking to see your personal values and not just your academic results."