King's Run Around Australia Challenge


Will your HOUSE be the first to do a lap of AUSTRALIA?

Commencing last Friday, 1 May, staff and students were given two weeks to join forces for their Houses, in an attempt to be the first House to complete a virtual lap of Australia. There's still time to get out and get moving, and increase your exercise KMs to get your House across the finish line first!

The Idea

  • Students/Staff contribute their run/walk/ride/swim/surf kilometres towards an accumulative kilometre total for their House.
  • Students/Staff are recommended to use Strava (free and accurate app), Garmin, Run keeper, or an equilivlant fitness App, to record activities and distances.
  • Totals must be recorded and saved to enable verification, when required.
  • First House to make it around Australia, OR House with the highest accumulative KM at the end of Week 4 will be the winner.
  • Students/Staff can go as far, and as many times as they wish, before 5pm Friday, May 15.
  • Enter your results HERE after each activity.
  • Result updates will be shared via COMPASS every few days.

The Rules

  • Use of a treadmill is permitted (take a picture, if no memory)
  • Steps on smart watches DO NOT count.
  • Must keep your results and be able to verify when requested.
  • Use of motorised activities will not be permitted.
  • Prizes for Winning House, PC, and year level.
  • Stay safe - complete your activities with a family member or friend

The Map

  • All houses will start in the Capital of Australia (Canberra)

Checkpoints as follows:

  1. Canberra to Sydney 286 KM
  2. Sydney to Melbourne 877 KM
  3. Melbourne to Hobart 719 KM
  4. Hobart to Adelaide 1437 KM
  5. Adelaide to Perth 2695 KM
  6. Perth to Katherine 3535 KM
  7. Katherine to Cairns 2042 KM
  8. Cairns to home (GC) 1758 KM

TOTAL Distance Goal 13,349km

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