Learning in Lockdown

Reedy Creek
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"Thank you for continuing to work with us for everyone’s safety. Take care of your precious families."

Teaching and learning moments are not just confined to the walls of the classroom, but can happen nearly anywhere at any time. It is how well we use these learning moments that can impact how we thrive together during times of lockdown, as we experienced this week. We know that the juggle of working at home and supporting your child to complete schoolwork can be a very real challenge. It is our prayer that parents would not feel burdened or overwhelmed but supported and equipped by our College when learning from home is required. Our teachers have been working hard to provide students with dynamic and relevant content for online learning, and we are very grateful to our parents at home who may have been asked some curly academic questions while working alongside their children to help keep them on track. 

King’s has a number of systems in place to provide support. In High School, students have been attending class meetings via Teams to check in with their teacher, ask questions and discuss content. Our Years 5 - 12 students use Compass as their learning platform every day at King’s, so the transition to using Compass full time from home is much easier. In Primary School, students have also received Year Level learning booklets and a daily schedule of tasks from their Year Level Coordinator, via Compass, to continue their current units of work. Thank you to our Primary parents for working with your younger children to cover this content, as time permits.

At the end of each day, it can be helpful to spend time with your child reflecting on something new they have learned or experienced. Recalling these small, incremental lessons to short-term memory increases the chance of saving them to long-term memory, where they can become building blocks for new concepts in the future.

Thanks to our parents, teachers, students and entire King’s community for rising to the challenges of this week so that we can all thrive together!

"The daily lesson outlines available on Compass have been incredibly useful in keeping the children up to date with their schoolwork. Our twins have loved learning at home and enjoy working through the various topics side-by-side for several hours each day. Compass has helped keep us connected to the school and as parents, we sincerely appreciate the effort put in by Kings' teachers to deliver an online teaching program so that students don't fall behind in their schoolwork during lockdown. "
"I am very proud of the school community we have here at King’s and I know that together we will get through this challenging season."