Live to Give Day: Leading a Generous Life


As a College, we regularly put our Foundational Values into practise through our missions program. Missions are a practical way that students remember the importance of service and generosity, as we collectively engage in fundraising activities. Missions also teach compassion as we put the needs of others ahead of our own and as we use some of our blessings to bless those less fortunate. Live to Give day is our main missions event for Prep - Year 4 students and on Wednesday, 9 June, the COLA and Prep Precinct came alive for a morning of carnival-style fun. This year’s event was 'cashless' and so instead of purchasing food and products, students participated in activities to ‘win' tokens. There were 24 activity stations on offer with something fun for everyone, including an inflatable obstacle course, mini-golf, art and craft, ring toss, lego construction, and much more! Students 'donated' their tokens into the jar of their chosen charity, providing a meaningful connection to these organisations. Funds were raised via Parent Portal prior to the event, totalling over $3,600! Thanks to our families for supporting these incredible charities:

  • Manna Ministries, India
  • Faith that Moves Mountains, Thailand
  • Lifesaving Chaplaincy, Australia
  • 100% Hope, Uganda

This term our Year 4s have been studying motion in Science and they were tasked with designing their own arcade game to apply what they had learned to a real-life scenario. Live to Give Day was the perfect opportunity to put these games to the test and the Year 4 Arcade created an exciting, interactive space which filled with students who were happy to show how forces are used to create motion... and a whole lot of fun!

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