Legacy Day Gives Year 12s A Final Say


Year 12 students completed the last of their ATAR exams on Tuesday but some were keen to return on Wednesday to have their final say for Legacy DayThe group of graduates were welcomed to the special event with speeches from Mr Davis and senior High School staff, as well as Primary student representatives, who reiterated Legacy Day's potential to impact future generations of King's students.

The aim of the day was to formulate suggestions for improving the College, based on the students' past experiences. It was timely to discuss the new ATAR system and their perceived preparedness for the exams, but also cover key topics for King's students relating to cultural diversity and acceptance, raising men of valour, respecting women, promoting Performing Arts, and fostering greater entrepreneurship. The day wasn't all serious though and this final milestone event involved upbeat tunes, time chatting in the cafe, and an ongoing stream of catering.

The final hour of Legacy day was spent presenting their ideas to Mr Davis and the Heads of High School. The Year 12s thought-provoking points sparked interesting discussions, and paved a way for some positive changes to be implemented. The day reinforced King's desire to develop leaders of influence and to be responsive to feedback, as the senior staff listened intently to every idea put forward. Thank you to the amazing group of graduates who gave up their day to make a difference for years to come. 

Congratulations Year 12 students for completing the inaugural ATAR exams. We pray your futures will be filled with faith and favour.