The Lion King Jr. Primary School Musical

Performing Arts
Kings Musical Reedy2021 Tolhurst Creative Fb 11

King’s talented cast of Upper Primary students lit up the auditorium stage for the Lion King Jr. over three sterling performances in Week 3. Telling the renowned and much-loved tale of Simba and his family and friends, our young performers transported audiences to the African Pride Lands as they brought their characters to life with such skill and enthusiasm. 

Congratulations to our lead cast:

Rafiki - Imogen Reddrop
Mufasa - Jesse Tudor
Sarabi - Zalri Marais
Zazu - Caitlynn Verster
Scar - Milana Jurin
Simba - Micah Eddie
Young Simba - Rose Kozina
Nala - Lana Thompson
Young Nala - Megan Wiehe
Timon - Abigail Croucamp
Pumbaa - Levi Hauch
Sarafina - Kaysha Howker
Shenzi - Sion Hong
Banzai - Levi Faulmann

Special thanks to Mrs Cross, Primary Musical Producer, for her leadership and tireless coordination, and to our entire production team for orchestrating such a large-scale production. Thanks to our families and performers whose dedication of time and energy produced a first-class musical for our community to enjoy!