Logan Village Prep Excursion to Pimpama


This term, Prep students have been exploring the concept of belonging to a family and a community. King’s Christian College is one school across three campuses and we want to build connections between all of our Prep students. 

On a recent cross-campus visit to King's Pimpama, Prep students from our Logan Village campus were excited to travel on a big bus. They loved singing their favourite songs, ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Old McDonald’. and enjoyed many games of 'I Spy'.

Prior to their visit, they had been learning all about their Pimpama friends and the features of their school. 

The students were excited to see the similarities between the two campuses. They went on a treasure hunt around the school, with their clipboards, searching for five things that were the same as at their own campus: Aslan the lion, chapel, library, sandpit and the jumping pillow. Then they enjoyed playtime with their Pimpama Prep friends in the classrooms. They had a wonderful adventure and thanked their Pimpama family for welcoming them to their campus.