Lower Primary Excursion Season


King's Lower Primary classes have experienced some memorable learning opportunities recently, as they ventured off campus to explore some local attractions.

Year 1 – Paradise Country

Year 1 students visited Paradise Country this week for an authentic farm experience and the chance to get up close to a number of Australian natives, including emus, dingoes, wombats and more. The students eagerly explored the animals’ natural habitat and loved being able to pat the calm kangaroos, the cuddly koalas and the slippery snakes. They enjoyed learning more about the physical features of the animals and discovered how their needs are met in their habitat. The group also tasted fresh damper and then burned off some energy on the Three Little Pigs playground. Other memorable moments included the sheep shearing demonstration and the Shaun the Sheep show. The interactive excursion really brought Year 1s Integrated Studies unit Where The Wild Things Are to life! The second group of Year 1 students will visit Paradise Country for their excursion in Week 7.

Year 2 – Beenleigh Historical Village

Year 2 classes visited the Beenleigh Historical Village and Museum recently as part of their learning focus on History and Technology. Set in the ‘olden days,’ the Village gave students the chance to see and experience how everyday activities were conducted in the past, to gain a greater understanding and appreciation for how technology has changed lives. A highlight was ‘Wash Day’ where students scrubbed a cloth on an old-style wash board before rinsing it and pushing it through a vintage hand-crank clothes wringer. Each student also had the chance to cut a log of wood using the large two-person saw. The students were then invited into an original 1800s classroom, where they participated in an interactive lesson with Mrs B’Have. They sat very still as they learned about the dreaded cane, the Dunce hat and the wooden ruler knuckle smack, and then chatted on the bus home about the exciting day they had.

Year 3 – David Fleay’s Wildlife Park

Year 3 classes ventured to David Fleay Wildlife Park as part of their Living and Non-Living Science unit. The group were excited to see the Australian native fauna in their natural habitats, including the shy Bridled Nailtail Wallaby who was thought to be extinct for over 30 years! Students had the chance to get up close to some of the more cuddly wildlife, while being grateful for some distance between themselves and the resident Estuarine crocodiles, Mojo and Madonna, who belong to a species renowned for being the largest of all living reptiles. The Year 3s also enjoyed an informative presentation from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Rangers, where they asked thoughtful questions and listened intently. Another highlight was the in Flight Show, where the large birds of prey amazed the audience with their spectacular wing spans, speed and accuracy at snatching food whilst in flight. 3RG and 3RM are looking forward to their upcoming excursion to the park very soon. 

Thank you to every parent volunteer who accompanied a class excursion to lead small groups of students. These would not be possible without your generous support!