Primary and Middle School Leaders 2020

Reedy Creek

Congratulations to our Middle School and Primary Student leaders who will serve our Reedy Creek campus in 2020. We wish you God's blessing as you lead with integrity, diligence and humility.

Middle School Student Executive

L-R: Xavier Gallagher (Middle School Captain), Sienna Searles (Middle School Captain), Emma Hardman (Chapel Captain), Abigael Hotko (Chapel Captain), Lachlan Chang (Chapel Captain)

Middle School House Captains
TYNDALECaptains: Bailee-Anne Tewake, Brandan Crawford
RAYLEIGHCaptains: Jayda Anderson, Alexander Harris
FINNEYCaptains: Erika Mahon, Brent Campbell
NEWTONCaptains: Amahli Hala (absent), Tobias Mene

Primary School Student Executive

L-R: Rex Lea (Prefect), Violet Steffek (Prefect), Lita Rajasekaran (Leadership Captain), Didier Liddell (Leadership Captain), Sabian Beltran (School Captain), Maya Zunker (School Captain), Ava Sanson (Executive Captain), Xander Vermooten (Executive Captain)

Primary School House Captains
TYNDALECaptains: Tahlia Donovan, Ty Harris
NEWTONCaptains: Isabella Taylor, Magnus VanDeventer
FINNEYCaptains: Coco Jackson, Noah Gallagher
RAYLEIGHCaptains: Nicole Brunton, Filipo Pina

Cultural Captains

L-R: Tayla Martin (Dance Captain), Neala Chang (Music Captain), HannahMehta (Chess Captain), Luke Williamson (Chess Captain). Absent: Emily Payne (Cheer Captain)