Multicultural Celebrations in Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark

Noah’s Ark students spent last week learning about Indigenous Australian peoples of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island descent; the first Australian men and women created by God to inhabit the land of Australia. Our young learners loved these lessons because it taught them the important part that Indigenous Australian culture plays in our nation today. They especially enjoyed replicating some Indigenous symbols during art class, decorating boomerangs and having their faces painted with Indigenous patterns.

These lessons led to conversations about other cultures, and the various countries that our Noah’s Ark families originate from. This exciting topic culminated in two multicultural dress up days on Tuesday, 11 August and Wednesday 12 August, where children and teachers dressed in a vibrant array of cultural costumes and participated in a lively Costume Parade and a picnic lunch outdoors, as well as a valuable opportunity to donate to our Term 3 missions charity 100% hOPE.