New Building Fosters Fun, Respect and Community

Reedy Creek

After months of planning and construction, our highly-anticipated new building at Reedy Creek campus opened its doors in Term 1, 2020. Adjacent to the Amphitheatre, the building’s central location offers convenience for Primary and High School students alike, as they regularly take advantage of its many benefits. ‘The Hub’ encompasses the entire ground floor and provides a spacious and exciting communal space for students. It has quickly gained popularity and there are a number of reasons why students have been choosing The Hub as their break time destination. Its wide range of boardgames, breakout rooms for chess and music, kitchen and dining facilities for Year 12 students, comfortable couches, and refreshing air conditioning, all add to its attraction. At the heart of this multi-purpose precinct is the desire for students to have a haven to find friendship and a supportive community, where they can connect over a game, and where our College Chaplains and Student Wellbeing team are always present to engage with and support our students. It is exciting to see the vision of the space come to life, as many informal interactions take place across the year levels, and as students develop greater respect for one another to strengthen our community.

Level One provides a modern, light and airy communal area, with five classrooms branching off from the space and overlooking the Oval and College grounds, all providing our Year 4 students with an optimal learning environment.

The Hub is currently open for Years 3 - 12 students during break times, as well as younger year levels for extracurricular activities. We encourage all parents to visit The Hub any time, to see the successful new space Kings has created for our students.