New Music Classrooms Delight Students


It is with absolute delight that we have made ourselves at home in our newly appointed music and instrumental rooms. Located upstairs, in between the Prep classrooms and D Block, our new rooms have been a hive of musical learning - from our youngest Prep students, singing, dancing and shaking their percussion instruments, to our Year 6 students learning guitar.  Each primary year level has a different instrument focus.  Our Prep students focus on percussion instruments, our Year 1 students play tuned percussion, Year 2 learn the ukulele while Year 3 master the melodic and amazing recorder! Year 4 focus on keyboard skills and Year 5 delve deeper into the ukulele and take their keyboard skills up a level.  Year 6 students not only learn the guitar but use their skills and experience to produce some amazing musical compositions. 

This is complemented by our instrumental program where students learn the guitar in Years 3 and 4 then move on to orchestral instruments.  Our instrumental teachers are specialists in a number of instruments and instil in our students a love and care for their chosen instrument. They inspire our amazing choirs, who love to sing!  Both of our primary choirs meet once a week in our music room and have already featured in our latest Easter Video.