Online Cheer Keeps Students Motivated to Train


As homes evolve into hybrid work, fun, learn and play spaces, members of the King's Cheer Squad are making great use of their lounge rooms. Cheer students have continued to practice in private and rehearse their routines online with the help of the instructors. "I love that I can still practice my Cheerleading at home; it’s so fun in my lounge room and I love the exercise," says Year 3 student, Amelia Saad.

Amelia does the splits

The Cheer Coordinator, Angela Hicks, is providing her students with recorded video training, instructional programs and fun activities and games. "Not too much but enough to keep students engaged in their training with a focus on keeping them active," said Mrs Hicks.

At Home Cheer A-Z Spell Your Name

The Cheer Coordinator has also posted photos and fun messages on the King's Cheer private Facebook page, such as how to learn to do a bridge ... but she has reminded students to tidy up their rooms first!

How to do a bridge

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