Organic Learning Leads to Beekeeper’s Visit

Reedy Creek

King’s Kindy students enjoy both a planned and organic style of learning, where teachers delve deeper into topics that arise from class curiosity. Earlier this term in the Possum’s room, organic learning about bees began by a student bringing along a photo of bees collecting pollen from the sunflower he had grown at home. The class were very keen to know more, so Mrs Agnew showed a video of how bees make honey, and the hive with its hexagonal pattern. The children drew their own beehives by tracing hexagon shapes; they used water and eyedroppers to simulate a bee’s tongue collecting pollen from flowers and transferring it to the ‘hive,’ and as a treat they also enjoyed some real honey.

To conclude this sweet subject, the Possums were excited to welcome King’s Year 7 student and resident beekeeper, Finn Tolhurst, into their class to share his experiences. Dressed in his full beekeeping attire, Finn told his captivated audience about his beekeeping adventures, answered their questions, and passed around his beekeeping veil and a jar of honeycomb, for the children to enjoy a closer look.