P & F Reports


President's Report 2019

What an excellent year 2019 has been for King’s Christian College Parent’s and Friend’s Association at Pimpama.

We have had the opportunity to work alongside our school community to help raise awareness for special missions close to our hearts as well as host our favourite annual events- Mother’s Day stalls, Father’s Day stalls and of course our second Spring Fair.

This year’s Spring Fair was no doubt the BEST YET. We were blessed with beautiful weather and we were able to see many of our King’s Pimpama children showcase their wonderful talents on our outside stage. We saw dancers, cheerleaders, singers and our very talented choirs. This year we also saw more children assisting us in running stalls showcasing their servant heart attitudes and customer service skills. This is what this event is about- “Friend-raising” and creating memories together. We want to thank each and every child and family who helped us to create this amazing day and of course our outstanding Teachers and support staff - They are truly one of a kind. We are very grateful for the support we receive from the School and we would not be able to do this event without them. We look forward to working together again next year.

We are already in the planning stages for some of our events for next year and we really want you to be apart of these events. So, if you have ever thought about joining our team, there is no time like now!

We look forward to another wonderful year serving alongside you.

Ammie Owens

Treasurer's Report 2019

Our Parents and Friends Association works closely with our families to raise friends and not funds. We are supported by our School board who enables us to focus on working with the community to fund items needed by teachers and students to create extra fun activities. An amount of $10 per student is faithfully provided to us to support our mission and we take great responsibility in stewarding these funds well.

Our Prep Social in Term 1 is a highlight each year and we plan to continue and grow this great connecting initiative. The P&F hire out a Play centre and invite all Prep families to come dressed in their House colours for an evening of Connect.

We encourage class coordinators to let us know how we can support them in connecting with families and we fund coffee catch-ups when required. We are planning to support Mrs Sue Sweeney and her connect team next year, encouraging our class coordinators to connect via the Family Connect at the Barista on set days each week. These were held directly after drop-off or pick-up a few times a week.

We purchased art supplies for a lunch time activity in Mrs Simpson 3E class as well as purchased trolleys to assist staff moving large items around the school. Our Prep teachers also have trolleys to assist in taking students’ lunch bags and bottles downstairs if needed.

We replaced our large BBQ with 2 smaller ones, that was used at the Logan Village Breakfast to welcome new families. This made them more portable and easier for our groundsteam to move.

We also have the opportunity to work alongside our school community to help raise funds for special missions close to our hearts as well as host our annual fundraising events - Mother’s Day stalls, Father’s Day stalls and of course our Spring Fair. This year we raised just over $4,000, which would not have been possible without the support and backing of the College. We appreciate the support in the school for instance carrying the cost of all the equipment required to showcase our students’ and their many talents. There are plenty of behind the scenes work and costs that we are very grateful for. Our staff serving alongside us is invaluable and a great community spirit approach. We would love to see this event grow with more parent involvement and support.

Our team supports the Year 6 graduation with supplying soft drinks and water for the parent get together before the start of the evening and also soft drinks and water for the students during their graduation dinner.

We have been asked to help provide an additional laminator for our amazing Educational Assistants team with laminating sheet supplies as well as 6 sets of shelving to assist in keeping our Resource rooms tidy. These small tokens of support goes a long way in helping our teams function seamlessly.

We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions on how we can better serve the community and if you wish to get involved in any area of your interest.

I am honoured to serve our school community and value your ongoing support.

Katinka Niemeijer