Pimpama Sports Awards 2020


The Sports Awards were held at recent assemblies and the following people were awarded for their outstanding efforts in sport during 2020:

Sportsperson of the Year

Awarded to the student who has gained the highest level of representation for their chosen sport and/or has demonstrated commendable success across a breadth of sports.

15 Years and Under

12 Years and Under

Emily Clark


Emily ClarkLeilani Ngaoire

Bronze Medallion for Regional Sport

Regional Netball -  Leilani Ngaoire 
Regional AFL - Victoria McElhinney 
Regional Swimming - Mason Mower
Regional Softball - Emily Clark

Most Valuable Player for Team Sport

Awarded to the student who not only demonstrates a very high level of skill and teamwork, but has consistently contributed to the development of the team and displayed outstanding qualities of sportsmanship.

Primary School

Junior Girls - Charlie Miller 
Junior Boys - Joshua Phipson 
Senior Girls - Fatima Sapinoso 
Senior Boys -Kaydden Baylis 

Junior Girls - Myra Patching 
Junior Boys - Kingston Ngaoire 
Senior Girls - Ava Maris 
Senior Boys - Zach Rankin 

Junior Girls Blue - Adele Hay-Batchelor 
Junior Girls Green - Charlise Hamilton 
Senior Girls Blue - Nicole Tiaiti 
Senior Girls Green - Seina Beyan 

Junior Boys - Ryan Van Driel 
Senior Boys Blue - Zorian Tan 
Senior Boys Green - Samuel Watkin 

Junior Girls Blue - Ruby Burns 
Junior Boys Blue - Ryan Smal 
Senior Girls Blue -  Rebecca Iman
Senior Boys Blue -Kye Harrison 
Junior Girls Green - Sienna Jessop 
Junior Boys Green - Nathan Samuel 
Senior Girls Green  - Sienna Cardwell 
Senior Boys Green - Isaac Chen

High School

Year 7 Boys - Thomas O'Connor 
Year 8 Boys  - Kristian Meuwesen

Year 7/8 Girls - Azaria Newsham 
Year 7/8 Boys A -Ryan Farcau
Year 7/8 Boys B - Jacob Millar 

Year 7/8 Girls A - Adella Caruso
Year 7/8 Girls B - Ella Jessop
Year 7/8 Boys A - Joshua Day 
Year 7/8 Boys B - Jamie Nicholson 

Year 7/8 GirlsMilly Keeley 
Year 7/8 BoysJody Samuels

Year 7 Girls A  - Leilani Ngaoire
Year 7 Girls B  - Ella-Rose Hamilton
Year 8 Girls A - Ayla Garaty 
Year 8 Girls B  Allegra Morrow