Pre Preps Enjoy a Police Visit

Noah's Ark

Police Officer Chad visited Noah's Ark Pre Prep classes this week, arriving in his patrol vehicle and dressed in his police uniform. Officer Chad spoke to his captivated audience about the important role of the Police, and how they help to keep the community safe. The children were especially excited to see some of Officer Chad's useful police gadgets, including the handcuffs and his vest which contained hidden pockets for his torch and police badge. 

The highlight for many young students was discovering how the siren worked, and seeing the flashing lights on top of the police car. Officer Chad gave the Pre Preps a turn of sitting inside the police car, as he pointed out many of the important buttons including the one that starts the siren. Officer Chad gave every student their own 'police badge,' police tape and police report. It was an exciting and interactive way to learn about the Police force.