PREparing for PREP


Our Pre Prep children have excitedly started visiting our Prep classrooms and teachers, beginning their transition to 'big-school'.

For some, this is a whole new world: Up the big steps and into new classrooms, with children and teachers they have not met before.

For others, generally with older siblings already at school, they accept this challenge with eagerness, to explore what goes on in the much anticipated 'upstairs'.

These orientations allow the children to engage in a range of school activities, supported and guided by current Prep students. Further visits will take place over the coming weeks.

Our prayer is for Pre Prep students to develop confidence in the prep environment, become excited about starting school and form connections and relationships with King's wonderful team of Prep educators.

So far, any nerves and uncertainty have been replaced by smiles, giggles and interesting observations and questions. King's Pre Prep students are certainly PREparing for PREP and are almost ready to take this big step for good. Almost…