Premier’s Reading Challenge 2019


The annual Premier’s Reading Challenge is a challenge issued by the Premier of Queensland to every school student, up to grade 9, in the state. The challenge is for students in grades prep-4 to read 20 books and for students in grades 5-9 to read 15 books. This year the challenge saw 2.31 million books read by over 168,000 students throughout the state.

In 2018 King’s Pimpama completed 90 challenges school wide. In 2019 King’s Pimpama nearly doubled this figure by completing 170 challenges schoolwide, with classes 4D and 2B having an astonishing 80% completion rate. While a massive congratulations goes to every student that completed the challenge many students took it upon themselves to complete multiple challenges and as a result read over 40 books. The following is a list of noteworthy students who completed more than one challenge:

Joel Mutsawu (PL)- 40 booksSophie Trahearn (PA)- 40 booksBjorn Baylis (2B)- 40 books
Charlotte Hope (2B)- 40 booksAshlin Wheeler (2B) – 100 booksAmy Bosman (2A)- 30 books
Mackenzie Wormald (2A)- 60 booksIzabella Bereznai (2A) – 60 booksSennin Naidoo (2J)- 60 books
Caitlyn Darragh (4D)- 60 booksCaitlyn Howe (4D)- 40 books
Shanaye Naidoo (4D)- 80 books
Borisz Bozsoki (4G)- 60 booksMilla Schob (4G) 40 booksShari Murphy (5T)- 30 books
Charlotte Williams (5T)- 45 booksZorion Tan (5S)- 60 books

A huge thank you to all parents and staff who encouraged their students to participate and complete the 2019 Premier’s Reading Challenge. Here’s hoping 2020 will bring another great participation and even more books being read.