Prep Trip to Currumbin Sanctuary


The Prep students enjoyed their excursion to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. They were welcomed by friendly staff and had the whole park to themselves, which was a treat. The Preps were fascinated with the ‘Pelican and Eels’ feeding show, followed by a picnic on the grass. Then they walked past the koalas and Tasmanian devils, through the tunnel and up the hill. 

"We arrived for a show where we met ‘Biggles’, the beautiful possum, and saw some amazing flight birds," said the Preps with enthusiasm.

‘Hog Boss’, the big croc, was very large and in disguise but they all spotted him! 

At the Animal Hospital, they saw a sick koala and the vets were helping it. The Preps ended their journey by feeding and patting the red and grey kangaroos. They were very friendly and they even saw some cute little joeys too.