Years 3-6 Swimming Carnival 2020

Reedy Creek

The summer sunshine and warm weather provided the perfect conditions for a day in the water at Palm Beach Aquatic Centre. For our Years 3 - 6 Swimming Carnival newcomers, nerves ran high but they attempted the 25m events with bravery, enthusiasm and a healthy display of competitive spirit. House rivalry and supportive cheer continued throughout the day across all year levels, as stronger swimmers entered multiple races in the hope of raising the most House points. Participation in the dry-land activities also added to House tallies and offered refreshing fun with water bomb games and tug of war... and with the House Champions title on the line, they had everything to gain and nothing to loose. Following a hard-fought contest, Finney finished in first and claimed a convincing victory over their House rivals. Well done Finney House and congratulations to all of our 2020 Carnival Age Champions and record breakers!

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