Podium Position for King's Pimpama Poet

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."
Taylyn Birch 750

Congratulations to Year 9 student, 
Taylyn Birch, who achieved a podium finish in the recent Write4Fun writing and poetry competition. Taylyn's poem Stormy Serenity secured her a third-place win out of 7500 entries nationally.

Storm Serenity

The opera of the skies perturb those below,
Embracing all in its vociferous melody.
Diagonal sheets of rain cascade; merciless; unforgiving.
Like the fragile limbs of the frail and feeble,
Trees writhe and flounder.
And with futile efforts to resist,
The squall carries them away with their groans of agony-
Nothing more than ammunition within the gale.

However, as the livid, bruised clouds begin to dwindle,
The pure, azure sky engulfs the land in serenity.
Eruptions of emerald green envelope the terrain-
Carpets of luxuriant nature.
The rain traces sweet paths through those in need,
Through those starving bodies, sucked of their nourishing liquids.
And a band of colour hangs in the sky,
Declaring new liberty, to those who don’t grieve,
Declaring new liberty, to those who believe.

Taylyn, who enjoys writing in different styles and genres, decided to enter the Write4Fun competition and give it a shot.

"I don't see many advertisements for writing competitions and when it was promoted on Compass to the students I said to myself, I'll give it a go," she said.

After receiving email notification of her success in the first round of Write4Fun, Taryn was inspired to enter other competitions. She has since submitted a short story to Queensland’s longest-running literary competition, the IEU-QNT Literary Competition, for students in Years 5 - 9. This competition has also been promoted to students via Compass.

Taylyn is thankful to King's teachers for sharing these events with the students and giving them the opportunity to participate.  She is looking forward to seeing her poem Storm Serenity published, alongside other winning entries, in a book entitled 'The Write Note', which will be in King's library by November 2021.

Taylyn received $150, an engraved third place pen and a Write4Fun Stationery Gift Pack.

Although Taylyn enjoys creative writing, she dreams of one day being a surgeon.

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