Regional Softball Trials


Primary students Nicole Tiaiti and Adele Hay-Batchelor participated in the Regional Softball trials recently, as representatives of the Hinterland District. This was a great learning experience for the girls, and they have brought back new skills to implement into their games for the next softball season in NGCAS inter-school sport.

Nicole Tiaiti

Nicole Tiaiti"At the softball trials for the Hinterland team, it was an amazing experience because I haven’t trialled before and I didn't know a lot about softball; my only experience was from school sport. It was cool because I met so many people and I learned so much. Every girl that I met was nice and some of them helped me because I wasn't as experienced as they were. The ladies that ran the trial were really nice as well and they encouraged me and just helped me where I was at. I think that I came back better than I was before. I would definitely go again!"

Adele Hay-Batchelor

Adele Hay-Batchelor"I think the trials were very beneficial for me because they helped me meet new people and work as a team, which is an important life skill. It also helped me hold the bat properly and all those extra tactics I hadn’t put into play yet like throwing with your opposite foot forward and squat with fast little steps to slow down. The people there were really kind and encouraging. I would definitely recommend it!"