Runners Up at The Quest - National

Reedy Creek
The Quest 1

Congratulations to the King's Year 6 team who placed second at the Year 4 - 6 National Quest Competition held at the University of Queensland. The Quest is an international gifted and talented academic competition requiring creativity, problem solving and team work in the domains of Science, Mathematics and Humanities.

Jeanie, Tyrone and Siana placed first in Mathematics, second in Science, 4th in Humanities to finish second place overall. Teams from other states competed online with a live video uplink.

The topic of chaos theory stretched the knowledge of our students who designed a logo to represent complex numbers, debated action potential theory and wrote a children book about the four steps of happiness.

Jeanie valued the process of teamwork with each person an important part of the overall result. Tyrone was inspired by the experience of participating in the event at the University of Queensland.

"Thank you to King's for the opportunity to compete and learn amazing things beyond what we thought was possible." - Siana