SCHOOL ATTENDANCE - Why Does Every School Day Count?


If a student misses

That would be

Which, over Grades 1-12,  accumulates to:

15 minutes a day of lessons

1 hour 15 min per week

almost half a school year

One hour per day of lessons

one day per week 

Over two years 

Teaching staff have been having some conversations with students in particular around school absence, and so we thought it might be a good time to remind our students and our parent body about the expectations around school attendance.

In Australia, as in most countries, parents are legally obligated to send their children to a state school or an independent school.

Students should attend school every day, all day, except where there are instances that they cannot. These could include illness, weekly (one day) attendance of a certificate course or traineeship, or sanctioned school sport. Acceptable absences do not include family holidays during term time, staying off school to complete assessments, or medical appointments, although schools do understand those specialist medical appointments are sometimes difficult to schedule.

Last year’s online schooling experience afforded us the opportunity to refine many of our LMS (Learning Management System) practices. As an ongoing positive consequence of this, we are committed to providing lesson agendas and resources via the Compass platform. However, these learning materials are designed to aid classroom teaching and not to replace it. In the case of a student being ill, or at a traineeship or school excursion, they are expected to access the resources and make an effort to stay on track.  King’s Christian College is not an online education provider; we are not licensed to provide online schooling and, as such, our school day, learning, pastoral and sports activities are all designed for on-site delivery and enjoyment. Indeed, we consider ourselves very lucky in this corner of beautiful Queensland to have the opportunity for a near-normal work and school life.

Over the next few editions, we will tackle some of the reasons we need to keep encouraging our students to be on-site, at school, and participating fully in all the opportunities, fun and key learning that school life has to offer.