Learning in a New Paradigm

Digital Technology

Our College has been working very hard to provide all students with the content they need to be able to enjoy an engaging learning experience, within the constraints of remote study. Our students are very savvy with using technology, and moving to a digital platform for learning has been a fairly smooth transition for them. We have provided a range of age-specific applications and programs so that our students have access to learning activities created by King's, as well as by other reputable education providers.

High School

High School students are very familiar with using Compass for their learning, and have been provided with a range of tasks from teachers to continue working through. Teachers have also been refining their video production skills in order to release some 'flip' learning style videos for students. They have received more training in using Microsoft Teams in order to prepare for using this platform, for live chats with students, which will occur twice a week if online learning continues. This week High School students also participated in Microsoft Teams trials from home, and teachers were encouraged to see so many students taking part and keen to interact with each other in their virtual classes. These valuable sessions helped us test this group video chat platform and collect feedback from teachers and students so that any issues can be worked through, and we can successfully optimise Teams for virtual classrooms if required. Thanks to our parents for supporting the trials, and please remember to refrain from viewing the camera or screen during any future Microsoft Teams school sessions, due to child protection issues. Please also remind your children that they must be dressed in their King's sports uniform, and located in a public setting at home, for any future Teams school sessions.

Primary School

With the support of parents, students from Prep to Year 4 have been using their printed workbooks, rainbow words, and Raz Kids app, to continue working through their learning tasks, as well as following the suggested daily learning schedule in Compass, when possible. Years 5 - 6 have had their iPads to continue working on their assigned work in Compass. Class Teachers across the Primary school also released some short and sweet videos to each of their classes this week, which were posted on Compass under each of the Year Level group pages.

Watch our video on navigating Compass

Support for Parents

We understand this is a challenging time for everyone as we navigate a new way of doing things, in order to abide by the restrictions imposed by the current health crisis. King's are here to support our families wherever possible, and we are regularly adding useful information to Compass for you and your children. Our IT Support team are also available to help parents with issues relating to Compass, Parent Lounge or other school systems, and they can be contacted via itsupport@kingscollege.qld.edu.au.

Online Curriculum Delivery Handbooks

Our Online Curriculum Delivery Handbook for High School has now been released to parents, and the Primary edition will be out soon via Compass. These Handbooks provide a wealth of information to clarify how the College will provide a high-quality online learning experience for King's students in future, if required.

View the High School Online Curriculum Delivery Handbook