Students Encouraged in Their Walk with God with eChapels


This term the Chaplaincy Department have had a lot of fun creating eChapels for Primary and High School. Primary School have loved the Bible Ninja theme, all about turning to the Bible as the first defence.

The Chaplains will soon be starting their new theme, “Prayer Power!”, teaching about the power of prayer. The High School have been exploring the theme “Close at Hand”, a reminder that God is never far from us.

They have also loved being able to create daily devotionals to help students continue to grow in their spiritual journey even when they are away from their normal classroom devotions and chapels.

There is still plenty more silliness and goodness to come, as eChapels and devotions will continue until the end of the term. School has certainly not been the same without everyone here and the Chaplains can’t wait to greet all the students as they return. They have been praying that students have been encouraged in their walk with God through these videos!

Here is a sneak peek of their pop up studio where all of the filming for the eChapels for is done!

From the Chaplaincy Department

E Chapel Studio