Successful Shark Tank Project for Year 6 Students


How can I identify a need and solve a problem by starting a business?

Year 6 students have embarked on a six week learning journey to explore this question for their Business and Economics project.

They started by looking at the reasons businesses exist and the different ways that they provide goods and services. Students had the opportunity to question a live panel of entrepreneurial parents who gave authentic examples of what it takes to start and run a business. In the next step, each class was given three days to set up and run a lemonade stall. Students from 6E went above and beyond, diversifying their business with a range of lemon flavoured treats as well as a lemon challenge! Finally, students formed groups and came up with their own business ideas and plans, which they then pitched to a ‘Shark Tank Panel’ for our Culminating Event. 

A parent on the Shark Tank Panel commented:

"Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the Shark Tank this morning. I would like to say how impressed I was this morning with Yr 6 presentations - I am totally blown away by their creativity. Well done Year 6 - you are on your way to becoming successful business people. "