Term 1 Teaching and Learning Update

Students Studying

High School Assessment Requirements

With a busy end of Term 1 upon us in High School, it is important for parents to be aware of the various assessment requirements for students:

Years 10-12
All Year 10-12 students should be busy completing assessment items and/or studying for their exams held in Exam Block (Weeks 8-9). Exam timetables are available on each student year level page on Compass. All students need to be aware of the date, room and time of their scheduled exam. During Exam Block students only have to attend school for scheduled exams or study sessions. Students who are absent for an exam will need to provide a medical certificate and go to the High School Office upon return to school to book in for a new time for their examination. 

All other assessment tasks are due via Compass by 11:59pm on the due date. Teachers may also require a hard copy to be submitted during class time. Students who are applying for an extension will need to arrange this before the due date by getting an extension form from Compass or the High School Office and submitting supporting evidence, such as a medical certificate. An extension will not be granted if not arranged before the due date.
Year 12
 A reminder that all Year 12 students on an ATAR pathway must pass an English subject for Unit 3 and 4 to attain an ATAR. This can be achieved in English, English as an Additional Language or Essential English.
Year 11
In the QCE unit, credits are banked into each student’s learning account at the end of each unit. The implication for this is that students who are not engaged in learning and perform poorly in a number of subjects could find themselves ineligible for the QCE as early as Week 5 of Term 2. Students have been repeatedly reminded of this and will need to ensure that they are actively engaged in all classes at all times.
Year 10
The Exam Block for Year 10 has concluded for the term. We would like to congratulate this cohort on how they conducted themselves during the exams. Assessment items are still being submitted so the expectation is that these senior students are still working hard in class and at home.

Changes to High School Reports

Reports are going to look different this year in High School as we further embrace the continuous reporting capabilities of Compass. This enables us to give more timely feedback on your child’s learning achievement and progress. Parents will receive an email during the school holidays inviting them to go to Compass to view their child’s academic achievements and academic mindsets.

Years 7 - 10
Continuous Reporting - assessment results and academic mindsets for Term 1 will be made available for each subject. As per Australian Curriculum requirements, results in each subject will be expressed as a letter grade. 
Years 11 & 12
End of Unit Academic Report - this is a summary of your child’s academic and behavioural achievement in both Term 4 2020 and Term 1 2021. Results are expressed in percentages for General subjects and letter grades for Applied subjects.
Partnership Evening
We invite you to follow up on your child’s reports by joining us via Zoom for our Partnership Evenings on Tuesday 20 April and Wednesday 21 April to discuss your child’s progress. When reports are ready to view, parents will be emailed a link to Parent Portal which will also include the option to book a Zoom timeslot that best suits your family.