Term 3 pick up procedures

Logan Village

Please note that we are trialling a new pick up zone procedure in Term 3. 

To assist in the free flow of our Collection Zone, we have introduced coloured collection time slots. The new ‘Collection Times’ are based upon the age of the oldest student in the family. Your child should now have received a new coloured visor plate. Please keep this in your car for easy access. 

Prep only from 2:45pm - Green visor plate

Prep - Year 4 from 3:00pm - Yellow visor

(The colour is based on the oldest child in your family)

If a vehicle reaches the front of the Collection Zone queue prior to the ‘Collection Time’, they will be asked to park in the Community Centre Car Park or loop back to rejoin the later time slot queue.

Please refer to the Compass post for further information.

We appreciate your support in keeping our car park safe for our students and families.

God bless,

Mr Peter Fossey
Head of Primary