Term 3 | Senior Update & Exam Block Information


Term 3 has delivered on its promise to be demanding yet rewarding. A summary of key dates for senior students is shown below and the detailed Exam Block schedules have been posted to students via Compass News.

Year 10 Exam BlockWeek 8Monday, 30 August - Thursday, 2 September
Year 11 Exam BlockWeek 8/9Monday, 30 August - Tuesday, 7 September
Year 12 Trial ExamsWeek 8/9Thursday, 2 September - Thursday, 9 September

Tips for Exam Success

  • Study early. Studying steadily over an extended period enables students to ask questions about anything they may have forgotten or found difficult.
  • Get enough sleep leading up to, and during, exams.
  • Read the Exam Block timetable carefully. Students may have two exams on the same day. 
  • Exams come first. Students should inform providers of certificates, apprenticeships, diplomas or employment that attendance at their exam is their priority.
  • Any missed exams require a medical certificate and a detailed followup process.
  • We encourage all students to prepare well and make the most of these opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and skills.