The Big Fizz Experiment Excites Year 5


"Which flavour has the biggest reaction?" Year 5 students were asked, as part of their Project Based Learning (PBL) lesson. The students hypothesised, tested and experimented. The no-sugar cola had the biggest reaction. The students enjoyed incorporating Maths into their PBL lesson by discussing volume, place value and subtraction. Further research will include a comparison of different brands and a thorough investigation of the ingredients and how they affect the body.

"I liked the explosions and when Mrs Sanson drank some of the leftovers" - Madison 
"I like how we can do awesome experiments in class" - Phoebe
"I recommend you try it" - Samuel
"I liked how we incorporated Maths into our PBL lesson, working out the amount of reaction by subtracting the remaining liquid from the original volume" - Grace

Enjoy the video of the fizzy action on the day!