The Individual Age Chess Competition Results


The Individual Age Competition was played at Emmanuel College on 24October 2022. This was one of the largest Interschool chess tournaments with over 600 students participating from various schools around the Gold Coast. The chess tournament was categorized by birth year e.g., 2010 so students would play students from other schools their age. Each division had a minimum of 50 students and some had chess ratings. A rating is a number that reflects the skill level of the chess player.

The results:

2010 division: Ryan Terhorst 5th place 5/7 games, Robbi Greenshields 20th place 4/7 games

2011 division: Sennin Naidoo 6th place 5/7 games, Arshnoor Sidhu 7th place 5/7 games, Zanden Buckle 19th place 4/7 games

2012 division: Josh Schmidt 29th place 4/7 games, Byron Blatch 4/7 games 30th place, Khrizeah Getigan 4/7 games 31st place

2013 division: Ben Reilly 5/7 games 14th place, Jamison Walton 4.5/7 games 22nd place, Florence Zhu 4.5/7 23rd place, Aspen Jackson 4/7 games 25th place and Patrick Heran 4/7 26th place.

2014 division: Declan Emerson 4.5/7 games 10th place, Mac Todd 4/7 games 19th place and Lily Rodriguez- Zapata 4/7 games 23rd

Overall, students placed higher and the quality of the chess games improved tremendously, Well done Kings!