The 2019 Quest Challenge

Reedy Creek

Six teams of King's Primary students entered The Quest Preliminary Challenge. The two day competition focused on the 'chaos theory and randomness' with students collaborating in teams of three to solve complex challenges.

Three teams qualified for the Quest State final held at the University of Queensland.

The State qualifiers shared what they learnt. "In Humanities we were focusing on Greek myths and had to rewrite a myth but with a small twist. In Mathematics we were learning about fractals, imaginary numbers and irrational and rational numbers. For the challenge we had to design two logos for Quest; one about number sequences and the other with a fractal on it. For Science we were learning about reflex arcs, the brain and conditioned learning. We then had to design a training program for the Olympics using reflex arcs or conditioned learning and make a log and poster for it.

Well done to the Year 3 team, Milana Quak, Sybelle Chang and Shih-Yang Lin who came third in Maths and Science and the Grade 5/6 team, Jessica McDonald, Alexa Morichovitis and Emilia Wruck, who came second in Maths.

Congratulations to the Year 6 team, Siana Barker, Tyrone Okesene and Jeanie Palika, who came second in Humanities and third overall which qualified them for the National event next month.

"Just making it to State was a huge accomplishment so we never expected to make it to Nationals. Multiple times we struggled with time management during the challenges, but we pulled through and came first in Humanities and third place overall. After competing in the Preliminary and the State Quest, we know what to expect in the challenge of National Competition. Our team will now compete at the University Of Queensland against schools from around Australia. We expect Nationals to be like State, however with a lot more schools competing for the title of 2019 Quest Champions. Our research, from the first two competition rounds, will be vital as this knowledge will also be used in the National competition."

-Siana, Jeanie and Tyrone