The Welcome Return of All Students

Reedy Creek

The final phase of the Queensland Government’s State-wide school reopening plan, saw Year 2 - 10 students return to campus on Monday, 25 May, signifying the end of online schoolwork, and the resumption of classroom learning for all students. King’s families seemed elated to be arriving at school on this landmark day, and were greeted by their teachers with beaming smiles, bright welcome signs and a colourful College entrance.

The first week with everyone back on campus, brought a number of highlights across our King’s community, including the chance to spend break times with friends again, share news with teachers, collaborate on class projects, and exert energy on the Oval.

Some of our Year 2s who returned this week, shared their favourite aspects about being back at school:

  • “I love being able to see my teacher and my cool friends.” - Mitchell Green
  • “I get to talk to my teacher and tell her what I did on my birthday.” - Willow Kirley
  • “I love going to maths and doing fun maths activities and games.” - Hayden Walker
  • “I like getting to read books from our classroom library.” - Cassandra Baker
  • “I like going to CTC and playing hangman with our spelling words.” - Orlando Quatro
  • “I like going to our specialist lessons because we get to learn interesting things.” - Alana Lim
  • “I like playing in the playground and making new friends.” - Ava McCullough

Thank you to our entire King's community, and particularly parents, who have shown remarkable resilience, cooperation and adaptability in the face of many living and learning restrictions. We look forward to the final few weeks of Term 2, as all of our students and teachers enjoy learning together in their classrooms again. We continue to pray for an end to the COVID-19 crisis, and the opportunity to resume many of the gatherings and activities we have missed in recent months.