Treating our Parent Community

"Thank you for your support and understanding during these uncertain times. May God bless your family abundantly and give you peace."

Recent COVID restrictions in Queensland presented even more challenges for many families, and our College staff remained acutely aware of the extra pressures this placed on our community. Our Principal wanted to acknowledge the exceptional support from King's parents with a small gift and the reminder to take 'take a break' whenever possible. Accompanying the parcel were handwritten cards from students to their parents, filled with thoughtful words, along with a note of thanks from Reedy Creek's Principal, Mr Meyers.' It was heartwarming to see the reaction from parents as they received these gifts at pick-up time on Monday. In the days that followed, King's staff were encouraged to receive an outpouring of kind messages from our parents, who had clearly enjoyed the gesture.

Photo Credits: Thank you to our King's parents who shared these great photos to Social Media in response to receiving their Kit Kats and cards!

"This was just the best surprise to receive from school this week... this just blessed my socks off...!!"