Tyndale Takes Out Primary Basketball Showdown


Three tense break times this term culminated in a victorious win for Tyndale House, who won our Primary Inter-House Basketball Showdown with a score of 26-13.

Newton v Raleigh

The action kicked off on 17 August, with Newton and Raleigh playing for the win. Newton fought hard but it was Raleigh that progressed through to the final with a resounding win. Newton House Captain, Eli Keely, was visibly disappointed but proud of his team’s efforts nonetheless. The referee, Mr Jordan Peters, said it was a proud moment to officiate the first game and that ‘he enjoyed having a run without his mask’.

Finney v Tyndale

The following day, Finney attempted to snatch victory from Tyndale House. However, some clever play from Riley Mulford in Year 5 saw Tyndale win by a landslide! Mr Josh Ruben had to intervene a few times to call possession, but after a few air balls, Raleigh had to admit defeat.

The Final: Tyndale v Rayleigh

The atmosphere was filled with anticipation on 19 August, as Mr De La Mare put on his announcer hat and provided a minute-by-minute commentary. A huge crowd had assembled to support the Houses. Tyndale was ready! Raleigh was ready! Mr Peter Spink, the referee, was ready!

First to score was Tyndale and students were holding their breath… would history be repeated or would Raleigh come back from trailing? Kiara Van Deventer in Year 5 gave it her all and quickly secured a solid lead for Tyndale, while Raleigh's Myra Patching and Azarian Michie snatched the ball at every opportunity. Raleigh fought valiantly but Tyndale House secured the win after a string of behind-the-back passes from Tyndale House Captain, Mason Mower.

The battle might be over for this term, but the war is far from won! Who will the captains gather for their team battle next term?