Vision Celebration 2019

Reedy Creek

The annual Vision Celebration is a highlight of the school year. In 2020, staff and students paused to honour the foresight of our founders whose commitment to Christian education has created a thriving school community with three campuses.

Mrs Fuller represented a group of founding members by lighting the 39th candle, one for each year of school life at the Reedy Creek campus. "The founders were ordinary people who started King's which has been blessed with lots of God's provision."

Foundation student, Tanika Mahon, accompanied to the stage Prep student, Annika O'Young, who presented Mr Vallance with a time capsule of drawings that will be given back to Prep students at their Year 12 Graduation in 2030. Students drew pictures of what they wanted to be when they grow up. There were lots of policemen, firemen and vets, a few Seaworld workers, a few professional athletes and a YouTube poster.

Mr Davis, College Principal, reminded students that from small things, big things grow. A kind word in the playground. Thoughtfulness in the classroom. Commitment to doing your best. King's founders dreamed of building a Christian school for 100 students. Their faithfulness in taking action is an example to each of us.

King's has a rich Christian heritage and we are grateful to God for our growing school into new areas in South East Queensland. As a College, we remain faithful to the King of King's.