Putting Social Distancing into Practice


A visual way to teach social distancing at Pimpama Campus came into effect last week.

The 'Practice Pineapples' were for students and staff to familiarise themselves with the safe social distancing concept now in force in our communities. Pineapples were strategically been placed 1.5m apart in front of the canteen and on a walkway in the playground.

Red practice dots have been placed at the entrances of classrooms and on deck planks in front of the demountable classroom bag racks.

As part of the visual learning, cryptic messages were left on classroom whiteboards and students were challenged to look for all the hidden dots in school.

Our college reception has four large dots signifying the total number of people that can safely wait in the area. The counter has also become a no-touch zone. Handing out late arrival and early departure slips has also been suspended at this time to avoid hand-to-hand contact.

The College aims to educate the children and community in a fun and visible way, without leaving them fearful.

Mrs Oswald also commented, “Red spots like Jesus' blood. We are covered by His blood and have authority in His name.”

By Mrs Nemo