Write a Book in a Day Competition


Two teams of Years 4-6 students at the Pimpama campus entered the 'Write a Book in a Day' competition for the third year running. 

The competition, designed to help raise funds for children all over the world who are sick with cancer, is proudly supporting The Kids Cancer Project.  All completed digital stories will be shared with children in hospitals around Australia. 

The competition has captured the imagination of some of our creative primary students with their story-telling and unleashed creative potential that could one day see some of them become authors and illustrators. 

Students worked in teams and were given a basic structure which included a main character, side character, non-human character, setting and a problem or issue to solve in the story.  In addition, each team was given the same five extra words that needed to be incorporated somewhere into the story. 

"We were asked to write a story about a Mime as the primary character 1, Psychic - primary character 2 , Superhero as the non-human character, with tennis courts being the setting and the problem of being shipwrecked," said the Year 4 students, whose book was targeted at children aged 8 - 12 years.

The Year 4 entry story is about a young brother and sister whose competitive rivalry leads them astray. They embark on a spectacular adventure, get washed up on an island and fight a dragon with their new-found abilities. Their strength as a team ends up being their greatest asset.

Write a Book in a Day competition entry
The cover of the Year 4 book entry in the
'Write a Book in a Day' competition.

"I really liked working with my friends on the book," said Nathan Samuel in Year 4 who contributed to the writing component, "the initial challenge was coming up with the ideas for the story and using the words set out in the conditions of entry.

The storyboard for the Year 5 and 6 students was set in a zoo and involved a pharmacist and step-parent as the primary characters with an angel as the non-human character.

"We made our angel, the non-human character, to be the late Steve Irwin to keep the content Australian and we set the scene in an animal laboratory involving vaccines," said Year 5 student, Madison Pithie, who was one of the team illustrators.

Ashlee Stages, Year 6, said, "I love being involved in this type of collaborative learning as I enjoy writing and being creative.  There are no limits to using words and I like to challenge myself in this area."

A number of the Year 6 students were involved in last year's event. Khara Getigan said that she loved the idea that their story would be bringing joy to sick children in hospitals around the world.

Write a Book in a Day
Year 6 teacher, Mrs Strachan, gives some advice on how to incorporate the specific words into the copy.

"The 'Write a Book in a Day' competition develops literacy and creativity, along with teamwork and collaboration, communication and time-management skills as the students were on campus until 8pm and needed to work together to achieve a common goal," stated Mrs Elize Strachan, Year 6 teacher. 

3726 students, 651 teams, 281 schools and writing groups have been involved in the event and have already raised $183,871 in 2020. The money raised goes toward much-needed childhood cancer research.

For more information about this event and how it works, visit: Write a Book in a Day